Steve Bonenberger
General Manager, Cool Springs Sports

How long have you been working in recreational sports?

5.5 years

What are your primary responsibilities and/or hardships that you run into with your position?

Customer Service and Customer Communication are always the biggest challenge. Scheduling is very time consuming at times based on variables.

How was long have you been using AthleteTrax as a facility management tool?

Our company has used it since mid-2016. I came on board in November 2016.

How has your experience been with AthleteTrax?

The software has some great tools in it, and I’ve been able to navigate shortcuts and resources as I’ve been using it more and more. AthleteTrax has a great core foundation and is continuing to add features that are taking the software from good to great!

Is there anything that you feel separates AthleteTrax from the other available programs out there?

The ability to seamlessly use the software for both programs and facility scheduling is unique to my experience. Having spent a year with the software now, I feel like I continue to learn more shortcuts and ways to use the program than before. We appreciate the willingness to make changes and updates to the software to expand and create a cutting edge system!

Would you recommend AthleteTrax to other facility operators?

Yes, I would!

FACILITY SIZE 58-acre campus; 170,000 Sq Ft sports complex
SPORT SERVICES Hardwood (Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Pickleball);

Turf (Soccer, Flag Football, Baseball, Lacrosse);

AMENITIES Full-Service Bar & Grille, Performance Cafe, Banquet Hall;

Orthopaedic Clinic, Physical Therapy, Sports Performance Center;

Driving Range & Golf Simulators, Miniature Golf, Pro Shop;

Conference Center, Fitness Classes, Childcare;

ANNUAL VISITORS Approximately 400,000